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Election Updates

Democrats' Chances of Beating Trump-Backed Candidates in Arizona: Polls

The latest from the states who can’t run elections properly Click Here for Story

Elitist Republicans Try to Shift Blame to Trump for Their Own Blunders?

Republicans should be blaming Ronna McDaniel, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy for the lame “Red Wave”? Click Here for Story

Michigan budget delivers $2 million curling center in Traverse City

Traverse City breaks out the brooms for pork project in shuttered Kmart

Crooked As Hell?

What is going on in Arizona Click Here for Story

Abortion Was A Key to Keeping Dem Losses to a Minimum

Republicans and SCOTUS hurt the take back? Click Here for Story


What is “Drop and Roll” ? Huge late night ballot dumps that show all Democrat votes seem to pop up just like in 2020 election Click Here for Details

Still Single? Now You Know Why?

68% of single women voted Democrat no matter how bad its gotten it may explain why they are still “single” ? Click Here for Story

Rots of Ruck?

Michigan will have to live with its decision to go more Blue Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Breakthrough blood test may detect Alzheimer’s early ? Click Here for Story

Single Day Elections Must Become the Norm

Waiting days and weeks for an answer on elections is unacceptable in America Click Here for Story

Democrats Will Go All In for Georgia Runoff

Will the Republicans even make an effort? Click Here for Story


Russian forces are retreating from major Ukrainian city Click Here for Details

Biden Will Double Down

Joe Biden promises to maintain the bad policies that are ruining America Click Here for Story

How Much Longer Will We Put Up with Dominion Voting Machines?

At the heart of voting irregularities Dominion voting machines are causing huge issues as well as suspicion of stolen elections Click Here for Details

Why Do They Want Americans to Eat Bugs?

The globalists tout bug protein as the answer to the worlds climate problem Click Here for Story

Inflation IS Hurting US

Average Americans are spending thousands of dollars more per year under the Democrat policies which are causing inflation Click Here for Story

Explaining the Midterms

There is a lot more going on than just “Voter Fraud” Click Here for Details

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