The News YOU Need to Know Friday November 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

No Late Ballots in Pennsylvania?

Judge rules ballots that arrived late shal not be counted in election? Click Here for Story

Michigan Voter Fraud

Eyewitnesses saw out of state vehicles delivering thousands of ballots to Detroit counting center Click Here for Story

The Dominion Effect

Election software changed 2.7 million votes from Trump to Biden? Click Here for Details

Audit Michigan

Fromer SoS of Michigan calls for audit of Michigan votes Click Here for Details

Bipartisan Bills Ease Occupational Licensure Mandates For Veterans

Service members and vets licensed in other states could work in Michigan, too

Michigan Corruption

234 pages of affidavits of voter fraud in MIchigan…so far Click Here for Details

COVID Targets The Old In Michigan

87% of fatalities are age 65 and over in last month; 37% older than 84Read more

Is Biden Compromised by China?

Should he be given intel briefings? Click Here for Story

The Media Failed to Do Their Job

Survey shows over 4% of Dem voters would NOT have cast their vote for Biden had they known about the Hunter Biden story Click Here for Details

Georgia Dem Candidate is a Radical

Rafael Warnock isn’t a JFK Democrat Click Here for Story

Stock Market Abuse?

Pfizer CEO announces vaccine then cashes in his stocks after price soars Click Here for Details

Joe Breaks First Promise

Joe Biden said he wouldn’t claim victory until votes were certified Click Here for Story

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