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Mixed Up Signals

Joe Biden comments leave White House in Damage Control again Click Here for Story

Explain This…Other Than Election Cheating?

Video Shows 386,151 Votes removed from GOP Supreme Court Candidate’s totals Click Here for Story

Michigan township’s ban on short-term rentals brings lawsuit

Park Township’s enforcement of long-neglected ban began in October. Litigation soon followed.

Michigan lawmakers roll the dice on $20M grant for Greektown

Street redesign in downtown Detroit bags $20M of taxpayer cash Read more

Detroit charter network up for $1 million award

Charter schools overcame resistance from Detroit’s school district Read more

This IS What’s Teaching Your Students?

College professor arrested for killing Jewish man Click Here for Story

How Is THIS Not an Insurrection?

Pro-Palestinian protesters injure police and threaten Congress? Click Here for Details

Republicans SO Weak….

GOP Congress are basically lackeys of the Democrats Click Here for Story

You Have to Ask. ..Is Gavin Newsom Compromised Too?

Governor of California ignores intelligence reports and draws closer to the Chinese Communist Party Click Here for Details

Enemies Within

Pro-Palestinian protests are blocking bridges and roads? Click Here for Story

Blame Our Education System

Cultural Marxism is being taught in our education system no wonder we have such violent protests Click Here for Story

Charge Fauci

Will Anthony Fauci ever be charged for his lies during Covid? Click Here for Story

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