The News You Need to Know Friday November 18, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

It Begins?

will the Republicans have the guts to follow up on investigating Joe and Hunter Biden? Click Here for Story

Carry Concealed?

Its getting popular Click Here for Story

GOP Samo Samo?

GOP puts the same old RINOs in charge of House and Senate. Will they act different this time? Click Here for Details

Hold The Cheaters Accountable

Kari Lake will not and should not concede in AZ governor race Click Here for Story

UK Goes Full On to Funding the WEF

Brits will fund the globalist elite Click Here for Story

Maybe It WAS Ukraine’s Missile?

Zelenskyy is changing tune on the missile that killed two Poles? Click Here for Story

Weaponized Federal Bureaucrats

Why do we have more weapon carrying Federal employees than Marines? Click Here for Story

The Cost of Uncontrolled Crime

Target posts $400 million loss due to theft Click Here for Details

University Fascism

The top 10 universities actually promoting fascism on campus Click Here for Story

Good Riddance Indeed

Nancy Pelosi leaving leadership is long overdue Click Here for Story

Republicans Don’t Understand the Early Voting Game

Democrats know how to cheat, manipulate and run an early vote ground game Click Here for Story

RINOs Side with Dems Again

Once again RINO elitists join the Democrats in bad legislation Click Here for Details

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