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Why Stating It Now?

Former AG Bill Barr now says the FBI corruption has ruined its credibility why didn’t he say this before? Click Here for Details

Dana Nessel Is Wrong for Michigan

Michigan Attorney General wants Drag Queens in every school, yep that’s right Click Here for Story

Bank of England Says Yes Its a Recession?

And could be the longest in history Click Here for Story

Okemos equity plan includes safe space for the marginalized

Learning loss from school shutdowns will cost about $5M to remedy, but the district focuses on a social agenda

Biden IS The Election Denier

Proof of election fraud is everywhere despite media and Democrat denials Click Here for Details

Mackinac Center: Landlord-tenant rule affects substantive rights of landlords

In effect, local health orders could ban evictions, the Center warns in a public comment on proposed Michigan court ruleRead more

Musk vs AOC

You can guess who wins the battle of rhetoric Click Here for Story

Eliminating the Debt Ceiling?

Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of himself as should every Senator that ends up backing it Click Here for Details

Teachers union spends $1M on Michigan governor’s race

Teachers unions dish out cash for Whitmer and school board candidates; media is critical of conservatives who do the sameRead more

Blame Game Failure

The Media and Democrats failed miserably to blame Republicans for the Paul Pelosi incident Click Here for Story

Pelosi Attacker IS an Illegal Immigrant

Department of Homeland Security confirms David DePape is in the country illegally and thus the Democrats are really to blame Click Here for Details

Why Are Ballots Going Out to Unverified Voters?

Pennsylvania election fraud seems to be at it again Click Here for Story

China Influencing US Elections

The Biden regime does nothing to stop it? Click Here for Details

US Troops ARE in Ukraine?

Department of Defense confirms but says they are just overseeing shipments of arms? Click Here for Story

Helping the Poor REQUIRES Energy

Climate scams will not help the world’s poorest only cheap and available energy can bring wealth, health and jobs Click Here for Details

Biden Policies Fueling Violence At the Border

migrants protest at the border

Texas DPS official says illegals fel entitled to cross into America and its leading to violent confrontations with Border Patrol and Texas authorities Click Here for Story

Biden Has NO Moral High Ground

For Biden to chastise Americans is hypocrisy at its finest Click Here for Details

We Should Demand Answers on Epstein and Maxwell Child Trafficking

For starters who were their customers? Click Here for Story

Can the GOP Retain North Carolina Senate Seat?

Conservative Ted Budd takes on Police Defunder Cheri Beasley Click Here for Details

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