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Facebook Caught Lying?

What will the full story be from this new whistleblowing employee of Facebook Click Here for Details

Democrats Are Just Socialists

Infrastructure to a Democrat means government controls everything including your lives Click Here for Details

Fake White House. IS the Booster Shot Fake Too?

Why in the world would Joe Biden get his booster shot on a fake set of the White House? Click Here for Details

Publication Decries Inadequate State Park Resources, But Ignores Major Revenue Streams

Recent changes will see nearly $1 billion earmarked to parks in coming years

Senile Feinstein?

Wants Vaccine passport for domestic airline travel Click Here for Story

Even Dems Know Its Fiscal Insanity

Senator Joe Manchin calls out the Democrats for for the insanity of their government give away infrastructure bill Click Here for Details

Obviously She’s Never Followed a Real Budget

Treasury Secretary Yellen says there shouldn’t be a debt ceiling? Wants the US government to spend anything it wants anytime? Click Here for Story

Milley Admission

General Milley admits sharing information with China, is it time to court-martial him? Click Here for Details


President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park, Sept. 29, 2021. (Screen Capture)

The DC elite once again show their hypocrisy as the attend congressional baseball game Click Here for Story

Democrats Will Own the Debt Limit Suspension

This bankrupting agenda is all on the Democrats as the House votes for it Click Here for Details

Virginia Bellwhether?

Could this November’s Virginia governor race be a precursor for the 2022 election? Click Here for Details

Milley Lied?

Pompeo says he did not know of General Milley’s backdoor calls to China Click Here for Story

Another Surge is Heading to the Southern Border

Senator Marco Rubio says more waves of illegals are marching toward the US border Click Here for Details

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