The News YOU Need to Know Friday October 16, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Election Interference!

Twitter and Facebook caught red handed censoring New York Post exposes on Hunter and Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Tale of Two Townhalls

Trump Attacked Biden gets the softballs Click Here for Story

Trump Admin Is Compromising

Secretary Mnuchin agrees to Pelosi request for national testing Click Here for Story

Pushing the Covid Fear?

Washtenaw county is telling folks to not vote in person? Click Here for Story

Civil Rights Commission Speaks Erroneously About Charter Schools

Yes, they must follow state and federal laws

Whitmer Assails Supreme Court; Questions The Legitimacy Of Its Ruling On Executive Orders

She demeans serious and fundamental constitutional disagreements as mere partisanshipRead more

Cool Input

Rapper Ice Cube has given input to the Trump Admin on helping the black community Click Here for Story

Covid Hits Harris Team

Communicatioins Director for Harris tests positive for Covid Click Here for Details

Polls Are Wrong?

Pollster says the polls cannot be believed Click Here for Story

Twitter’s Full On Censor Fest

Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees

Not just locking out newspaper but Trump Press Secretary and other who post info detrimental to Biden Campaign Click Here for Details

Child Sniffing Isn’t All He’s Wrong On

Joe Biden supports prepubescent children being able to change gender? Click Here for Story

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