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Democrats Oppose Pre-Existing Condition Legislation

Schumer and Senate Democrats Oppose Legislation Ensuring Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions

Chuck Schumer and Senate Dems are not helping Americans Click Here for Story

Inappropriate Joe

Mother of Boston Marathon hero says Joe Biden touched her inappropriately Click Here for Story

Budget 2021: State of Corporate and Industry Handouts 

Lawmakers should cut unnecessary and ineffective subsidy programsRead more

Radical Dem Changes

Some Dems eyeing radical changes to political system if Biden wins

If Joe Biden and the Democrats win in November American will change for the worse Click Here for Story

Why Is CIA Director Blocking Declassification?

Is Gina Haspel covering for the deepstate or something else? Click Here for Details

Breaking the Libs

POTUS has broken the Democrats and their media puppets Click Here for Story

September COVID-19 Hospitalizations A Fraction Of April

They’re down 85%; Whitmer cites current figure to extend 204-day emergency Read more

Snowflake John Roberts

Fox “journalist” complains about twitter comments after his inept attempt to paint POTUS as a racist Click Here for Story

Protecting Biden

Debate rule changes are obviously designed to mute POTUS and help Biden Click Here for Story

Politicians Getting Rich…

(Photo by Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images)

How are they getting wealthy on our dime? Click Here for Story

Media Pile on the Lies

Trump has condemned racism more than any other President Click Here for Story

Never Should Have Happened

DOJ says General Flynn should never have been prosecuted Click Here for Details

Media Supporting the Violence

McEnany Rips Media for Continuing to Bury Antifa Violence

Not reporting on Antifa and BLM violence Click Here for Story

The Man Who Knew Too Little?

James Comey was severely lacking in knowledge of his FBI…or was he? Click Here for Story and Video

We Fund Chinese Propaganda

GVSU professor writes Chinese propaganda while taxpayers pay his salary Click Here for Story

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