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Fascist Biden

Fascist Joe wants to force all companies with over 100 employees to force vaccinations or tests Click Here for Story

How Are Those Vaccines Working?

Not so well Covid cases up 300% the way the US reports it Click Here for Details

Lack of Vetting?

Afghan refugees are leaving military bases before getting vetted? Click Here for Story

Deep Staters Running for Congress

The real reason Washington DC doesn’t work for the people is because of deep state hacks getting elected Click Here for Story

Audit Results Finally?

Is Arizona about to reveal the full audit results of 2020 election? Click Here for Story

ACLU Flip-Flops On Vaccine Mandates

Civil liberties group opposed mandates before the current politicized epidemic

Will Manchin Maintain His Spine?

Democrats betting Senator Joe Manchin will bow to Democrat pressure to spend America into oblivion Click Here for Details

Australia Continues Its Descent Into Fascism

Alcohol now being confiscated in lock down areas Click Here for Story

China Behind 2020 US Riots?

Cyber security firms FireEye says the Chinese Communist Party was inciting violence in the US Click Here for Story

Enemies Within

Why are US organizations supporting US enemies? Click Here for Story

Mandates Will Hurt Nursing Industry

There’s already a shortage of nurses forcing them to take vaccinations they don’t need will make it worse Click Here for Details

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