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Woke Liberal Nonsense

Liberal military leaders crying about how the hold on their woke promotions will “hurt” the military Click Here for Story

Your Woke Future?

Wake up America your future is here and it doesn’t look good Click Here for Details

Michigan The Battleground for Freedom

A drag queen for every school': Michigan AG reportedly dismisses concerns  over kids, drag | WWMT

AG Dana Nessel is attacking the freedoms of Michiganders Click Here for Story

Auto workers can still resign from UAW and work during strike

Michigan’s right-to-work law, slated for repeal, is still in effect

Closed West Michigan nuclear plant has a buyer for its energy

Company cited ‘adverse financial viability’ in its closure, but believes problem is resolved now Read more

Democrats Playing Victim

Candidate for Virginia House is mad the media found her online porn Click Here for Details

Senate bill would allow cigar bar with bad paperwork history to skirt Michigan’s smoking law

Senate regulatory committee will consider bill at Thursday morning hearing Read more

Hunter Indicted

Hunter Biden Reaches Deal on Federal Tax Crimes, Weapons Offense - Bloomberg

Finally a small amount of justice? Click Here for Story

Taiwan Action Imminent?

Is China ready to attack Taiwan? Click Here for Details

GOP Infighting

McCarthy under fire for not doing enough Click Here for Story

Media to The Rescue?

Biden Admin hoping the media can help stop impeachment? Click Here for Details

EV Paradise Lost

Demand for an unproven and untenable technology is finally getting real Click Here for Story

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