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Biden Has It Backwards

Its not MAGA Republicans who are the country’s problem its Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

Democrats Calling for Violence

Democrat Senator Hirono from Hawaii seems to be pushing for violence? Click Here for Story

A Taste of the Border

VP Kamala Harris says the border is secure so Texas Governor sends busloads of illegals to her doorstep to see what Texas border towns are experiencing Click Here for Details

Dearborn schools show how to handle a library controversy

The school board listened to the public and removed seven books, as their fate is reviewed

Trump To Have Michigan Rally

October 1st could be a hot date in Michigan for America First voters Click Here for Story

Bill would restrict property owners from using their own water

Ann Arbor Democrats aim to replace current law with a doctrine used in states with a history of water shortages Read more

Time To Boycott Facebook?

Facebook has been spying on Americans for the FBI and DOJ? Click Here for Story

Tax Collection Hits Another Record

Irresponsible: Government keeps overspending despite record tax collections Click Here for Story

The Government Is Now FULLY Weaponized…

By the Democrats, how far off from Nazi Germany are we? Click Here for Details

Investigate the CDC, NIH and Fauci

Lies, misinformation and lack of transparency on royalty payments are just part of the problem Click Here for Story

What’s The Matter Barack?

Governor DeSantis sends two planes of illegals to Martha’s Vineyard…Home of Barack Obama and Democrats are not pleased Click Here for Story

Railroad Strike Averted

Did Biden actually have anything to do with it or was it just political theater? Click Here for Details

Is Socialism Dying in Sweden?

Politics are moving to the right in Sweden after decades of failing socialism? Click Here for Story

Democrat Cities Are More Dangerous Than Ukraine During War?

Democrat policies of being easy on crime and defunding police are destroying American city life Click Here for Details

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