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Impeachment Hearing Begins

Biden teases forthcoming executive order on AI | CNN Business

1st step in impeaching Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Trump Addressed UAW Workers in Michigan

Showing support for union workers reiterates that Trump IS the supporter of blue collar average Americans Click Here for Details

Michigan Election Fraud Lawsuit?

Jocelyn Benson | AP News

Secretary of State for Michigan gets sued over breaking election laws Click Here for Story

What IS Happening in Arizona?

If Katie Hobbs won't compete, why did she run for governor?

How does the AZ Treasurer step in for the Governor? Click Here for Story


Pentagons “killer Robots” are raising concerns Click Here for Story

Newsom Says Parents Have No Rights Over Their Children?

Another big government politician waiting to seize control of your family Click Here for Details

Pressure is On for McCarthy

A speakership is at stake for Kevin McCarthy over funding issue Click Here for Story

Phony Fox?

Fox Debate

Fox Debate lets Univision moderator push lies? Click Here for Details

2nd GOP Debate?

No winners but Trump? Click Here for Details

Senate Gets Its Dress Code Back

The US Senate voted to put a dress code back…and some of its dignity back in place Click Here for Story

Fat, Smarmy and Stupid is No Way To Get Elected

Chris Christies shows he’s not ready for anything near Presidential politics Click Here for Story

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