The News You Need to Know Monday April 26, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Stupidity of Critical Race Theory

The worst examples in our schools Click Here for Story

Data Doesn’t Support Narrative Of ‘School Sports Caused The Surge’

Canadian Gestapo

Fascism is Alive and well in Canada Click Here for Details

Watching Manchin

Is he a roadblock to Socialism or not? Click Here for Story

Hypocrite Hollywood

not woke enough to keep homeless around at Oscars Click Here for Details

Biden’s Anti-Semites

Why are haters in the Biden Admin? Click Here for Story

Campaign Crimes

Proof CNN committed election crimes? Click Here for Story

Space Ex and UFOs?

Was this near miss collision with a UFO or just space debris? Click Here for Details

Assaulting Investors

Biden tax hike will hurt investing Click Here for Story

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