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Energy Secretary asked what the “Inflation Reduction Act” actually does for average Americans…give them a tax credit for putting in an EV charging station in their homes?? Click Here for Details

Phony Republicans Paying the Price

GOP Representatives who voted to impeach Trump are being tossed out of Congress by the people in primaries Click Here for Story

Why Are Colleges Limiting Free Speech…for Conservative Students

Students sue colleges for violation of free speech Click Here for Details

Funny or Disturbing?

What’s up with the “Dark Brandon:’ Memes ? Click Here for Story

Biden DOJ is Trying to Stop Trump from Running

The two tiered justice system being used by Democrats to stop the people from being able to vote for their candidate of choice is disturbing Click Here for Story

Are We Losing Our Right to Protest?

Veteran shuts down planned protest at FBI headquarters for fear of a Federal set up like January 6th? Click Here for Details

Woke West Point

Covid vax exemptions by cadets denies en masse by what used to be America’s top military school Click Here for Story

UN Doesn’t Believe in Peace

UN official fired for condemning immoral Palestinian rocket attacks? Click Here for Details

Rigging 2024

Democrats and Biden ar already trying to control the 2024 elections Click Here for Details

Unprecedented Support

Outrageous raid on Mar-A-Lago is only adding support for Trump Click Here for Story


This person is one heartbeat away from the Presidency Click Here for Details

Raid Was a Fishing Expedition?

Broad scope was designed to look for anything including more January 6th material to implicate Trump Click Here for Story

Police State is Coming

Expansion of IRS only adds to more Federal control over people, the citizens are no longer in control? Click Here for Details

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