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Out of Touch

AOC bashes Police Unions for endorsing the pro-police President? Click Here for Story

Democrats Promoting Violence?

Rep Ayanna Pressley is calling for unrest in the streets Click Here for Details

Can Flint Get a New Factory?

Mahindra looks at opening new manufacturing facility Click Here for Details

State Will Pay Schools For Unenrolled ‘Ghost’ Students 

Teacher Fired For Dissing Liberals, U-M Prof Got Raises After ‘I Hate Republicans’

To save his job, district demanded teacher admit he was wrong

Portland Can’t stop Its Riots

Democrat policies have emboldened leftist violence Click Here for Story

Japan Changing Its Tune

Japan’s Been Proudly Pacifist for 75 Years. A Missile Proposal Challenges That.

75 years of pacificism may change because of Chinese threats Click Here for Details

Lyin Biden

Joe Biden wants to claim credit for Trump’s Israel UAE treaty Click Here for Story

Good Governance


South Dakota Governor Noem has show everyone how to handle Covid correctly Click Here for Details

Belarus Troubles

Rally in support of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk

Possible flash point in Europe? Click Here for Story

MSM Disgrace

Perfect examples of how disgustingly biased the mainstream media has become Click Here for Details

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