The News YOU Need to Know Monday August 24, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

City of Criminals

Los Angeles refuses to turn over 25,000 illegal immigrants who committed crimes Click Here for Story

Not Training Staff On COVID Symptoms And More Earns Speedway Station $6,300 Fine

Buying Off Justice

George Soros is buying every every District Attorney he can Click Here for Story

Double Danger

First time recorded to see 2 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico at same time Click Here for Details

Michigan Health Official Calls COVID Survivors ‘Lucky,’ CDC Data Suggests Survival is Commonplace

Projections show that overall, victims have a very high chance of beating the diseaseRead more

The Potential Is There

Super economic revival can happen if we can get through Covid, Schools opening …and an election with the right result Click Here for Story

More Violence in Denver

Broken windows and fires set as rioters hit downtown Click Here for Details

The GOP Big Tent

Richard Grenell, former U.S. ambassador to Germany.  (Getty Images)

POTUS Trump has made the Republican party welcoming to Gay Americans Click Here for Story

Normalizing Riots?

Activists say looting and violence are ok because of insurance?? Click Here for Details

MSM As Guilty as the Rioters

Its no longer just bias it advocacy for violence Click Here for Details

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