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Exposing the Democrat Legislative Hypocrisy

Democrats give big pass to the ultra wealthy in their “Tax the Rich” plan after stating otherwise for years? Click Here for Story

Calling Out the Lying Biden Admin

Who is Karine Jean-Pierre? Meet Biden's new press secretary |

Changing definitions doesn’t undo the damage inflicted by Democrat policies Click Here for Details

Rules for Thee But Not for Me…

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau spikes his giant carbon footprint with a maskless vacation for hiim and his family while Canadians suffer Click Here for Story

Are Michigan’s corporate giveaways masking the state’s real problem?

Why do Michigan’s biggest companies require state subsidies to expand here?

Democrats Hurting Small Businesses ….Again

Latest version of Democrat bill makes even more problems for struggling American small business owners Click Here for Details

Its NOT Inflation Reduction

Bernie Sanders condemns Joe Manchin for sabotaging president's agenda | Joe  Biden | The Guardian

Even Bernie knows the Democrat spending bill isn’t meant to halt or reduce inflation Click Here for Story

Democrats Have Sold Out California to the Cartels?

Cartel profits are booming thanks to Biden’s open border and Democrat policies in California welcome illegals, drugs and human trafficking Click Here for Story

More Biden Money Laundering?

Biden Admin set to send another billion in weapons package with no oversight and without Congress Click Here for Story

Worsening Economy

70% of Americans expect the US economy to get worse Click Here for Details

British Revolution?

75,000 Brits say they won’t pay their power bills if UK increases costs again Click Here for Story

Time to End the Fed?

US Federal Reserve rate decision: 4 things to watch | Financial Times

Steve Bannon calls out the Federal Reserve for what it is Click Here for Details

Unworthy of Office


There's No Good Reason FBI Director Chris Wray Still Has a Job | The Nation

BI Director Wray is quite simply a liar and a high powered criminal? Click Here for Story

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