The News YOU Need to Know Monday December 21, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Coach Tommy Goes to DC

Senate Elect Tommy Tuberville says he will support challenge to election results Click Here for Details

The Simplest Election Math

How could Biden get 80 million votes Click Here for Story

Privilege for Vaccine

Instead of age or vulnerability race is being used to prioritize vaccine use Click Here for Details

The War on Energy Independence

Biden Admin would make energy very expensive Click Here for Story

Destroying Michigan

Governor Whitmer orders continued closing of restaurants Click Here for Details

Government Over Reach

Despite its name the EEOC will allow employers to force vaccinations Click Here for Story

Covid Deal Ready?

Has Congress reached a deal on Covid relief? Click Here for Story

Politicians First

Speaker Pelosi in an elevator in the Senate Russell Office Building. (Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Once again politicians put themselves first and get vaccines before the taxpayers Click Here for Story

Rules for Thee…

But not for Dr. Birx, she travels while telling others not to Click Here for Details

Another Possible Challenge

matt gaetz speaks with reporters

Rep. Gaetz says he will challenge election results Click Here for Story

Fake News

Media fraudulently reports Trump Admin reversed health protections for transgenders Click Here for Details

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