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Show Us Everything!

Musk warns he has smoking guns to expose between Twitter, Democrats and the Government Click Here for Story

Outages Are Coming

Former EPA official warns Americans to be ready for power outages this winter after the Biden Admin has done everything to hurt America’s energy capabilities Click Here for Details

Criminal Hobbs?

We now have Proof Katie Hobbs is crooked and cannot be the Governor of Arizona Click Here for Story

Proposed Michigan court rules would hurt renters in the long run

Landlords warn of ‘voluntary payment system;’ eviction diversion prolongs the inevitable

Treasonous Intel Officials?

How oddly silent now are the 51 US “intelligence” officials who signed a letter saying the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation were they really that incompetent or are they just treasonous bastards that need to be tried and imprisoned? Click Here for Story

Where is your money being spent? Michigan government won’t always say

Lansing spends large amounts of money in an opaque wayRead more

Can Twitter Force Mainstream Media to Be Truthful?

How much can Elon and his newly revamping of twitter do to stop the lies from the Democrat run mainstream media? Click Here for Story

Crypto Disaster

Once vaulted investment is spiraling downward Click Here for Details

Arizona Fascism

County officials in Arizona threatened with arrest and jailtime if they fail to certify the fraudulent election Click Here for Story

Buying Votes on Bad Credit?

Were the votes Biden bought with his student loan bailout just another lie and scam by Joe Biden? Click Here for Details

GM And Audi Forgot The Basic Rule of Business

The customer is always right and they are not always liberal Click Here for Story

Time for Austin to Resign

Secretary of Defense Austin is weakening the US military with his “Woke Stupidity” Click Here for Details

The Bitch Who Hid Hunter

BREAKING: Twitter files reveal Vijaya Gadde behind censorship of Hunter Biden laptop story

The former Head of Legal, Police, and Trust for Twitter, Vijaya Gadde, shouldn’t just face civil suits she should face treason charges for hiding the Hunter Biden facts from the American people and changing an election Click Here for Story

Influencing Peddling

The BIden Crime Family’s biggest product Click Here for Story

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