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Armed Good Guys

Armed bystanders stop mass shooter Click Here for Story

Democrat Insanity

Democrats invite criminal illegal aliens to come get citizenship? Click Here for Story

New Buffalo City Council Divides Residents Over Airbnb-Type Rentals

First they impose restrictions, then a moratorium

Bad Public Officials

Entire school board forced to resign after being caught trashing parents Click Here for Details

Michigan Government First Stops Businesses, Then Subsidizes Some

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Over half of Republicans would join a Trump Party Click Here for Story

Racism from Democrats?

Biden remarks about vaccine inequities seem to call minorities to ignorant to make vaccine appointments? Click here for Story

Protecting the 2nd

2nd Amendment sanctuary counties are growing Click Here for Story


Democrat agenda includes stopping small businesses? Click Here for Details

Will The Catholic Church Wake Up Before Its Too Late?

(Photo by Kevin Lamarque-Pool/Getty Images)

Democrats and Biden sending men and boys into girls locker rooms and bathrooms is a huge problem Click Here for Story

Biden: Put America Last?

Reversing everything the Trump Admin did for America Click Here for Details

Endangering America

Arizona Sheriff says Biden policy on border is dangerous Click Here for Story

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