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Wake Up America! Call Your Senators!

Democrats trying to sneak Election Takeover into NASA funding bill? Click Here for Story

Ending Citizenship…

This is the goal of the left, when anyone can vote they can bring in new voters to help push their anti-American agenda Click Here for Details

Democrats Picking Your Pocket

Biden and the Democrats are stealing money right out of your wallet and purse Click Here for Details

Health News Site Searches For Doctors Who Are ‘Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation’

Kaiser Health News approaches Michigan’s licensing department

Making Lists of People IS BAD

Religious Objector Lists width=

More government agencies looking to make lists of those asking for religious exemption to vaccine mandates Click Here for Story

Courageous Enough to Point Out the Obvious

At first 2022 Trump Rally, Former President Trump calls out the un-American activity by the DOJ and the Washington DC jail in violating the civil rights of January 6th protesters Click Here for Story

Bad Week for the Worst President Ever…

And his Press Secretary is way in over her head Click Here for Details

Media Shift on Covid Begins…

Since Biden has been unable to solve Covid the narrative is now hurting Democrats and as predicted the media will begin the coverup to help Dems in 2022 election Click Here for Details

Bad Booster?

Autopsy says 26 year old who dies of Myocarditis was caused by the 3rd Pfizer Booster? Click Here for Details

Our Weak and Dangerous Supreme Court

Are SCOTUS justices allowing public pressure, threats and other non-law oriented issues to influence their decisions? Click Here for Story

Federalizing Elections Will Destroy America

New Democrat bills are designed to steal elections and consolidate power permanently for the Democrats Click Here for Details

Another Supply Chain Problem

Freight trains being openly looted in Los Angeles Click Here for Story

Fascist Australia Boots Tennis Star

Natural immunity means nothing to the power hungry Australian government Click Here for Details

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