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The FBI’s January 6th Set Up

New video released of alleged FBI operative Ray Epps leading the Capitol riot Click Here for Details

China Biden

China US Confucius Institutes

The evidence is clear Joe Biden is compromised by China Click Here for Story

New York Rangers Skip the LGBTQ Nonsense

The left is outraged but the average Hockey Fan doesn’t care about the politics of sexual choice and gender Click Here for Story

Soviet Britain

United Kingdom’s military spied on Covid critics as they emulate the communists we spent decades fighting Click Here for Details

Is more money the answer to learning loss in Michigan?

Education-Trust Midwest report recommends schools get double the money for low-income students. But Michigan schools have struggled to translate more money into better outcomes.

Ukraine Pushing for World War III

Why is the West allowing this and not pushing for diplomacy and peace negotiations? Click Here for Story

The supremacy clause: Michigan Constitution below federal counterpart in legal hierarchy

On matters left to the state, Michigan Constitution is the supreme law. In areas Congress can legislate, federal law holds. Read more

A True National Risk

Why does the US allow our supply chains to be run by our adversaries? Click Here for Details

Ignoring the Looming Debt Crisis

Our elected leaders keep raising the debt ceiling instead of living within a budget like American taxpayers have to Click Here for Story

Are Military Tribunals the Answer to Biden and Deep State Corruption?

Or is the military already corrupted by politics ? Click Here for Details

Can Lindsey Be Trusted?

Why is Senator Lindsey Graham back on the Trump bandwagon? Click Here for Story

Alright It Is Just Funny…

George Santos Gretchen Whitmer comparison? Click Here for Details

Peace in Ukraine Is Possible

But you have to have leaders who push for it Click Here for Story

Election Interference

Big Tech and Dark Money are joining forces to adversely affect election outcomes Click Here for Story

The Border Is Bad And Getting Worse

Obama’s former border chief Jeh Johnson says the Biden Admin is failing at the border Click Here for Details

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