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Fauci Not Right

Infectious disease expert has a bad track record on the Covid pandemic ?Click Here for Details

Turning Socialist

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden (Matt Rourke / Associated Press)

A vote for Democrats is a vote for a socialist America Click Here for Details

Bill Would Prohibit Tear Gas Use By Police

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If Schools Don’t Open…?

Give school funding to the parents if schools refuse to open Click Here for Story

Ignorance of Virtue Signalling

Ford CEO has great response to virtue signalling employees Click Here for Details

565 Coronavirus Patients in Michigan Hospitals On July 10; Was 2,690 On April 30

Also on July 10, governor imposed statewide face mask requirementRead more

Open the Schools

Children face dangers if schools don’t reopen Click Here for Details

Two Police Departments: Take Face Mask Complaints To Attorney General, Not Us

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Riches for Elon

9 mind-blowing things Elon Musk said about robots and AI in 2017

Elon Musk moves into 7th richest person Click Here for Details

Cops Lives Matter

(Getty Images)

48 slain police officers in 2019 alone Click Here for Details

Too Bad Minneapolis

Feds turn down Minneapolis request for damage aid after riots Click Here for Details

The Liberal Disease

Progressivism and liberalism destroy society and lives Click Here for Story

Back the Blue

Pro police rallies start across the country Click Here for Details

Biden The Plagiarist

\Biden economic plan is just a copy of Trump Admin agenda? Click Here for Story

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