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Could There Be Justice?

Chief of Staff Meadows infers justice could be served via Durham? Click Here for Story

Campaign Cheating

Former Democrat party chair sentenced Click Here for Story

Teachers Union Has Demands Before Schools Can Reopen

Blames Trump and DeVos, shares legal tips on how to not go back to school

The Portland Front

Are Portland riots the beginning of anarchists war? Click Here for Story

Confused yet? Businesses Have To Deal With Three Government Directives In Five Days Over Face Masks

Just a Little?

White House moves to discredit Fauci as disagreements with Trump ...

Fauci the alarmist? Click Here for Details

Ruth’s Revival

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized with infection

Justice Ginsburg doing well after cancer recurrence? Click Here for Story

Democrat Race Baiter

Jemele Hill says Trump supporters are racists Click Here for Details

Enough of the Lies

Time to expose those using Covid for the own agenda Click Here for Story


Now sleep is part of white privilege? Click Here for Details

Great Cop

See police officer save an infant Click Here for Story and VideoRead more

Still Working for Us

Looking past 60K deaths: Trump still refusing to come to terms ...

Despite all the drama of BLM riots and Covid, POTUS still getting work done for Americans Click Here for Details

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