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Removing Whitmer

Can Michigan GOP pick a contender for the governorship ? Click Here for Story

Democrats Making New Voters?

Using the open border and giving illegals citizenship is how the Democrats will stay in power? Click Here for Story

Ice Cream Politics

Anti-Semitism at Ben and Jerry’s? Click Here for Story

Politicians’ Believed ‘Grim’ COVID Messaging Would Be The Most Effective

Telling public you won’t die ‘if you’re lucky’ a long way from ‘minimization of public panic and fear’

Pay Off to the Never Trumper?

Pelosi signals Kinzinger's likely appointment to Jan. 6 panel

Pelosi looks at never Trumper Rep Adam Kinzinger as an ally and gets ready to give him a seat on January 6th commission Click Here for Details

Biden Bribery?

Is the Hunter Biden “Art” scheme another grift of pay for influence? Click Here for Story

Not Trusting “Science”?

The scientific community has lost its trust for the public Click Here for Details

FBI Instigated January 6th Riot?

More evidence pointing to FBI as being involved Click Here for Story

Court Packing

Its still on the table even if the media isn’t covering it Click Here for Details

China Seems to Control Washington DC

Communist China Tech Firm Huawei Hires Democrat Lobbyist Tony Podesta For Biden Connections

Another example of undue influence of China on the Democrats Click Here for Story

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