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Obvious Red Flags

Rick Grenell says the red flags about the phony Russian Collusion investigation were obvious? Click Here for Story

Michigan MAGA Parade

Decorated boats travel down the Detroit River in Detroit on June 13, 2020. Hundreds of boats participated in a "Make America Great Again" boat parade in celebration of President Donald Trump's 74th birthday.

Michigan boaters celebrate the President’s 74th birthday Click Here for Story

Police Quitting

SWAT team members in Florida quit over lack of support Click Here for Story

Attorney General Cited ‘Mussels’ 38 Times, ‘Flood’ Once In Suit Over Dam That Failed

Suit filed 19 days before flood for lowering waters behind dam

Hiding Churchill ?

Google hid images of Winston Churchill over protests? Click Here for Story

Misleading Pictures Of Detroit School Funding

It’s not hard to get things wrong when big revenue sources are left outRead more

How a Mid-Michigan Dam Failed

EGLE and Boyce Hydro actions appear to have compounded the May 2020 floodRead more

All Lives Matter?

(Screen Capture)

Governor Cuomo says every life matters Click Here for Story

Defund At Your Own Peril

Truckers say they will stop delivering to cities that defund police Click Here for Details

The Minneapolis Mistake

Lack of common sense? Lack of Education? Both? Click Here for Story

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