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Trump Wants to Stop Taxing Tips

Volodymyr Zelensky | Biography, Facts ...

Those in the service industry take note, there is only one candidate who could put a lot of money back in your pocket Click Here for Details

Endorsement from Detroit?

Former controversial Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick endorses Donald Trump, will this sway Detroit voters? Click Here for Story

We Must Criticize Corrupted Courts

Courts have always been the last line of defense for our Republic in the US, now they have become as corrupt and politicized as the other two branches of government and that must n0ot stand Click Here for Story

Urban Inroads

Former President Trump at Detroit ...

Black and Hispanic citizens are turning to Trump as they get squeezed out by illegal migrants Click Here for Details

Another American Mom Killed by Illegal Migrant

Joe Biden’s open border is literally killing Americans Click Here for Story

Ukraine Has Become A Fascist Dictatorship

Volodymyr Zelensky | Biography, Facts ...

“Press Gangs” call ambulances to kidnap the paramedics for battle against Russia Click Here for Story

Bidenomics is Real and Its Destroying the US

6 economic charts the liberal media doesn’t want you to see Click Here for Story

Tim Scott a RINO?

Looks like Senator Tim is just another RINO, should that disqualify im from a VP spot? Click Here for Details

Illegals Being Registered to Vote

Noncitizen voting, illegal in federal ...

Was this the Democrats plan for the open border all along? Click Here for Story

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