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Ammo Ban?

White House denies it but they lie about everything else would this be different? Click Here for Story

Stabenow has lost touch with Michigan voters

Michigan Democrat brags about driving expensive electric car to DC,  avoiding gas stations amid historic prices | Fox News

Suffering drivers should get help, not mockery Read more

Disgraceful School

This teacher did what? Click Here for Story

Kids can’t read. Drag queens won’t help.

Nessel makes foolish comments while Michigan’s school crisis deepens

Hillary Is Out?

Hillary Clinton says she won’t run again in 2024? Click Here for Details

Don’t Mess With the Boss

Space X employees fired for complaining about Elon Musk Click Here for Story

Toddler Vax Is Wrong

Dr McCullough says the FDA shouldn’t be recommending? Click Here for Story

Ukraine Story is Falling Apart?

Media spin won’t work to hide Ukraine’s real position in the war? Click Here for Details

Cornyn Gets An Earful

Texans are unhappy with their US Senator John Cornyn over his support of the Democrats gun grab legislation Click Here for Details

World Order is Changing

Putin says the West has failed ? Click Here for Story

Ignoring Election Fraud

Jan. 6 committee

Democrats and the media are ignoring widespread election fraud Click Here for Details

A Drag Queen for Everyone

The left thinks the new mantra should push cultural minority agenda on everyone Click Here for Story

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