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Vandals Still Looking to Tear Down Statues

Disgraceful actions by uneducated mobs Click Here for Details

Upton Joins The Other ‘Do As I Say’ Politicians On Social Distancing

Posted himself violating executive order on Facebook

The Real Cause of Spike?

More protests pushing Covid spike? Click Here for Details

Costly Drugs For Rare Diseases A Moral Dilemma For Society

A life-and-death issue for someRead more

Pushing Vaccine

Fauci worries about people refusing vaccine Click Here for Details

Percentage Of Deaths Linked To COVID-19 Dramatically Lower In Michigan

Read more

Biden VP Pick?

You may not have heard of this candidate Click Here for Details

Bounty is Fake News?

U.S. soldiers patrol Afghanistan’s Paktika province. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images, File)

Russia says bounty offered is fake news Click Here for Story

Democrat Scandal

My complicate Dems attempt to take back Senate? Click Here for Details

Fifth Columnists

Even Iran sees America’s internal enemies Click Here for Story

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