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This Won’t End Well

DeBlasio cuts police funding Click Here for Details

Re-Opening Issues

Restaurants and Bars in Michigan prepare to re-open Click Here for Details

Whitmer Admits Social Distancing Violation; Thousands Face $1,000 Fines

Democrats censured elected lockdown protestor for same offense in April, mayor said then Republican ‘put residents at risk of death’

Whitmer Dodges

Coronavirus hearing is not Governor Whitmer’s cup of tea Click Here for Story


Jeff Sessions shuts down Ilhan Omar Click Here for Story

Supreme Court Justice on Owosso Barber: ‘Decisions Made According To The Rule of Law, Not Hysteria’

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7 to Watch at SCOTUS

Seven decisions to watch coming out this Supreme Court Click Here for Story

Backlog Of Used Beverage Containers Headed To Michigan Stores

‘Grocers are really worried about being inundated’ by unwashed bottles as ban on bottle and can redemption ends

Prince Andrew Quandry

US wants to grill Prince Andrew over Epstein case Click Here for Details

Systemic Racism?

More like systemic propaganda Click Here for Details

The Customer Isn’t Right According to Bezos


Bezos scolds Amazon customer over All Lives Matter comment Click Here for Details

Covid Cure Breakthrough?

Brits coming close to new treatment? Click Here for Story

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