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Calling Out the Biden Admin Lies

Oil industry disputes the lies Biden Admin used to stop offshore oil leases Click Here for Story

Word Salad?

Who is worse Joe or Kamala ? Click Here for Details

Public Schools working Against Parents

These aren’t public schools they’re government schools and they are out of parental and taxpayer control Click Here for Story

Democrats Make Saudi Arabia Rich Again

Biden and Democrat policies have put Saudi Arabian oil companies back in the profitable driver’s seat Click Here for Details

Put American Security First

Congress should be paying for US border security before anymore money goes to Ukraine Click Here for Story

We Already Knew That…

Elon Musk says twitter is manipulating its users Click Here for Story

Fetterman’s Stroke?

Democrat Senate candidate suffers stroke Click Here for Details

Investigate It

Why is the Biden Admin giving baby formula to illegals while American babies suffer? Click Here for Story


…Against Pro-Life groups why isn’t the Biden Admin doing anything? Click Here for Details

Does Russia’s Fall Hurt the West?

Its complicated but change only brings more danger and new stronger enemies? Click Here for Story

Pennsylvania Senate Primary

Race gets tighter on the Republican side Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Antique hand grenades from the Crusades? Click Here for Details

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