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The Biden Shutdown is Coming

Biden is not negotiating and not taking debt talks seriously Click Here for Story

FBI IS Organized Crime?

Its a DC syndicate operating to betray Americans for the Democrat and Global elite? Click Here for Story

Your Public Schools?

Teacher of the year charged with rape of student Click Here for Details

IS Fusion Energy Coming?

Five potential ways to get to a new energy source Click Here for Story

Is DeSantis A MAGA Alternative or A Puppet of the GOP Elite?

A look a who supports Ron DeSantis raises questions Click Here for Details

More Dirty Biden Ties?

Romanian Tycoon involved with Biden is in the federal money loop? Click Here for Story

Pushing World War III

Western Europe and the US seem to be pushing the world to an expanded Ukraine conflict, who really benefits? Not Americans. Click Here for Details

Team Biden: What Wrong is Now Right?

Why would Biden appoint a Holocaust Museum Board Member who has ties to anti-Semitism? Click Here for Story

Woke-ism Has Ruined Our Government

Why does government seem to be getting even worse than ever? Because they hire and promote based on anything except good performance Click Here for Details

Sea Change in the Beer Market?

The 10 Most Patriotic Beers You Can Drink on the 4th of July | GearMoose

Bud Light fiasco is not getting better and with Miller Lite starting their own woke stupidity projects, smaller domestic beers are gaining ground with average Americans Click Here for Story

Ukraine Says It Won’t Cede Territory

Zelensky tells China territory loss to Russia is a non-starter? Click Here for Story

The Lies of Ukraine?

Did Ukraine really shoot down hypersonic missiles? Is Ukraine really doing well in the conflict? Is the west just funding a scam? Click Here for Details

A Little Late?

Now British Intelligence says the Russian Collusion Hoax was too unbelievable to bother helping with it? Click Here for Story

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