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California lost 1/3 of its restaurants due to Covid lockdowns Click Here for Details

Stopping CRT

Texas passes bill prevent Critical Race Theory requirements Click Here for Story

State Inflates Prisoners’ Phone Call Costs, Pockets The Difference

Prisoners and their families victims of a government slush fund

Child Abuse!

Biden Is Keeping Migrant Kids In Horrible Conditions. Where Is The Outcry?

Media ignores abusive conditions for children at the border because of Biden Admin policies Click Here for Story

No to the Vaccine?

Senator and Doctor Rand Paul says he is not getting vaccinated Click Here for Details

Havana Syndrome?

Growing Mystery of Suspected Energy Attacks Draws US Concern

Symptoms of directed energy attacks against Americans Click Here for Story

The Democrat Spending Plan

Boondoggles and hypocrisy Click Here for Details

Was January 6th a Set Up?

Assets seized from leftist claiming to be a journalist at the January 6th protest Click Here for Story

Woke Hypocrites

Apple employees want to stand with terrorists Click Here for Details

Fauci’s Dirty Little Secret

Wuhan lab funding and Covid Click Here for Story

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