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Memorial Day

View Event :: SOS Memorial Day :: Ft. Polk :: US Army MWR

Remember those who gave all for their country Click Here for Story

Deal on the Debt?

McCarthy and Biden agree? Is this a win for common sense spending or more of the same RINO/Democrat legislation? Click Here for Story And Here for More Details

Texas At a Crossroads?

Will Texas remain America first or have the RINOs and Dems taken over the State of Texas Click Here for Story

The Global Elite…

They have more money than the US Treasury? Click Here for Details

Another Retailer Targeting Children

When will this wokeness end? Click Here for Story

Iowa Saving Its Children…

Bans sexualization of children in schools and gives parents more rights Click Here for Story

Ukraine Bio-Labs

Russia claims the labs were working on lethal to human avian flus Click Here for Story

State Farm Says No to Home Insurance in California?

Another blow to a state on a downward trend Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Hypersonic hydrogen powered jet could fly from US to Australia in 4 hours? Click Here for Details

Arizona Election Fraud on Video

It gets dirtier by the day Click Here for Story

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