The News You Need to Know Monday May 3, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Lying Media

Mainstream media caught red handed in phony reporting Click Here for Story

Did Democrats Defraud the Census?

Was there monkey business in final tabulation of census numbers by the Biden Admin? Click Here for Story

Half Of Michigan’s 16-And-Above Population Vaccinated

The Beefy Truth

A cow

Environmental scammers won’t like this news Click Here for Story

Is There a Housing Bubble?

Temporarily high prices due to Covid and houses for sale could be risky for buyers Click Here for Details

The Crypto Question

To invest or not to invest…what is trustworthy in the crypto currency world? Click Here for Story

How Guilty is Kerry?

Giving info to Iran was unconscionable Click Here for Details

Iranian Blackmail?

Did the Biden Admin give up $7 billion to Iran? Click Here for Story

Deep Dive on Gun Rights Case

What matters in the SCOTUS 2nd amendment case Click Here for Story

You Got Played

Black leadership now sees the Democrats used black voters…AGAIN! Click Here for Details

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