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Soros Influencing Prosecutors Race…

The Nonfictional George Soros: Better Than Any Novel ‹ Literary Hub

Once again open border chaos influencer is trying to elect a soft on crime prosecutor in another state Click Here for Details

Leaving the US

The wealthy are looking to leave the US and the destruction being wrought by Democrats Click Here for Details

Whitmer Says She’s Working To Cut Costs For Families, But Won’t Sign Tax Cut That Does It

Democrats: The Party of Infections

White House and Media throw party and Covid infections are served Click Here for Story

Common Sense Still Prevailing… For Now

Most parents still hesitant to Covid vaccinate their young children who have more than a 99% chance of having no issue with Covid but could have major vaccine side effects Click Here for Details

The Latest Pfizer Data Release on Covid Vaccine

Vaccine Side Effects in Children is disturbing Click Here for Story

Open Borders Bring More Problems Than Just Illegals

Fentanyl is coming into the country in giant volumes and its killing Americans Click Here for Details

Illegal for Biden to Cancel Student Debt

The Biden Admin does not have legal authority to cancel student debt and force the bill on taxpayers Click Here for Story

Incoherent and Confused

Its not just Biden its his whole administration Click Here for Details

Sneaky Joe

Biden Admin sneaks unlawful immigrant benefits into Ukraine aid request Click Here for Story

The Threat of Iran Grows

Iran could hit middle America with its missiles Click Here for Details

Global Power Shift

The world is about to change and that includes finances Click Here for Story

George Orwell Was As Good As Nostradamus?

The loss of free speech and total government control is quickly becoming the future of the US under Democrats Click Here for Story

Mama Musk Knows…

Musk, left, made a pointed tweet in defense of her son, Elon Musk, after the New York Times went after him in a hit piece about his childhood in apartheid-era South Africa.

Elon’s mother put the liberal New York Times in their place with one tweet Click Here for Details

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