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Biden Admin Wants to Give Illegals $450,000 each?

Once again the Democrats are putting illegals over Americans Click Here for Story

Hypocritical Race Baiter

Colin Kaepernick equates NFL draft where players become millionaires with slavery? Click Here for Story

Ivermectin Works, Vaccine Don’t?

Indonesia joins ranks of countries using Ivermectin instead of Big Pharma’s phony vaccines Click Here for Story

They Want Illegals? Then Democrats Should Get Them

Since liberals like open borders then illegals should be shipped to wealthy liberal areas Click Here for Story

Brave Southwest Pilot

Let’s GO Brandon drives liberals crazy Click Here for Details

DHS Isn’t Protecting America

Won’t enforce the stay in Mexico policy Click Here for Story

Mandates Could Kill

Vaccine mandates might well lead to death of innocents Click Here for Details

Russia Threatening Ukraine

More concern as Russian troops re-position near Ukraine Click Here for Details

American Airlines Having Staff Shortages?

They blame the weather but is the vaccine mandates causing staff shortages Click Here for Story

Racist Hoax in Virginia

Lincoln Project and Democrats responsible for hoax trying to blames Republicans for show of racism? Click Here for Details

Blatant Election Law Breaking

Wisconsin Election Panel made instructions to break election laws Click Here for Story


U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a joint media briefing with French President Emmanuel Macron in Rome on Friday.

Biden Embarrasses America yet again on European stage Click Here for Details

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