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Racial Discrimination for Medical Treatment?

Biden induced shortage of monoclonal antibody treatments have led to discrimination against certain races getting it Click Here for Story

Shutting Down Your Power

Biden Admin attempts to shut down more pipelines could cause power loss to customers and rolling blackout Click Here for Details

Belarus Attacking Poland

Migrants Say Belarusians Took Them to E.U. Border and Supplied Wire Cutters

Migrants being supplied by Belarus to illegally enter Poland? Click Here for Story

Few Outside Government Get This Michigan School Retiree Benefit

Pension checks with 3% COLAs, which are mostly ancient history in the private sector


CDC has no proof unvaccinated survivors spread the Covid Virus Click Here for Story

Governor, Corporate Welfare Advocates Boast That Phantom Pfizer Plant Produced Vaccines

Oops: They’ve promised to subsidize it, but facility won’t exist until 2025Read more

Quick Recovery

Aaron Rodgers ready to play again already what did he use to get past Covid infection Click Here for Details

Biden’s America Last Policy

Biden and Kerry want to punish America with the climate scam while rewarding China Click Here for Details

Once Again Democrats Want to Reward The Wrong People

Make working taxpaying Americans pay the student debt of the young and woke Click Here for Details

Supply Chain Worsens

More ships more back ups Click Here for Story

Why Do Democrats And the ELite Want to Copy Europe

The failures of European culture are evident so why do the political class want to copy them here in America? Click Here for Details

Mainstream Media Fueling America’s Problems

Fueling race, hate and division Click Here for Story

The Latest From Durham Probe

Brookings Institute now being targeted Click Here for Story

Smoke and Mirrors

Democrats want to keep media focused on January 6th protests instead of the terrible job they are doing in running the country Click Here for Details

Its Not Your Father’s Democrat Party

Anyone thinking the Democrat still represents average Americans isn’t looking at the Socialist anti-American policies they now promote Click Here for Details

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