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Socialism Almost Here?

IF Biden wins could socialist Bernie Sanders be the Labor Secretary? Click Here for Details

Release the Kraken?

What does Sidney Powell have? Click Here for Story

ACLU Had Been Concerned Pandemic Plans ‘Resorted To Punitive, Police-State Tactics’

In 2008 group called for ‘voluntary social distancing measures rather than mandatory quarantines’

Expect More of THIS in Joe Biden’s America

BLM attacking the elderly and restaurant patrons Click Here for Story

A Fauci Says What?

No to a national lockdown? Click Here for Details

Tit for Tat

Russia’s ignoring of Treaties has the US powerhouse back in the nuclear missile game Click Here for Story

What America is Heading For…

Justice Alito tells the unvarnished truth Click Here for Details

No Blue Wave

Sate legislatures going to the GOP Click Here for Story

Dirty Joe

Joe Bidens cancer non-profit did little but pay salaries not research Click Here for Story

Just Not Right

(Getty Images)

Italian man fined for kissing girlfriend and violating Covid rules? Click Here for Story

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