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Facebook Election Interference

Facebook removes Women for Trump page days before election Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Election Steal Set up

Gretchen Whitmer

Once again Dems project their intentions on Trump Click Here for Story

In the ‘Birthplace of Organized Labor,’ Union Membership Plummets 

Since Michigan’s right-to-work law was adopted organized labor struggles to retain dues-paying members

Trump Support Grows in California

Trump rally in Beverly Hills? Click Here for Details

State Health Department Invites Snitching On Local Business Non-Compliance With Epidemic Rules

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Election Results Delays

Close races may be really delayed for final decision Click Here for Story

Vegas Odds Favor Trump?

Forget the polls follow the odds makers? Click Here for Story

Another First for Trump

Republicans have always failed to get celebrity endorsements but President Trump is changing that Click Here for Details

What Are Democrats Trying to Hide?

Pennsylvania Democrats are outrages that Trump campaign asks for basic info to safeguard ballots Click Here for Story

Tigers Don’t Change Their Stripes

Malaysia's former prime minister, Mahatir Mohamad. (Getty Images)

Malaysia’s former Prime Minister says Muslims have aright to kill the French? Click Here for Story

Michigan Pulling for Trump

Thousands line up to see POTUS in freezing weather Click Here for Details

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