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Allowed Back on Twitter

Elon reinstates Donald Trump to Twitter but will he use it? Click Here for Story And Here for Update

Fix the Damn Grid

Michigan’s poor energy reliability is the crisis few are talking about

Michigan vacation towns could face downturn if short-term rentals not legalized statewide

Local bans could affect homeowners’ property rights; Lansing must step inRead more

EV Fire Issues

Electric cars have a serious and dangerous drawback Click Here for Details

Where’s The Conservative Pelosi?

Love her or hate her she was merciless in fighting for Democrat Socialist values why don’t Republican House leaders for for Conservative values just as hard? Click Here for Story

Political Nonsense from Merrick Garland

The DOJ investigation into Trump and Mar-A-Lago is political propaganda and nothing more Click Here for Details


Buffalo gets 6 feet of snow! Click Here for Story

Scamming Taxpayer Money

Canada spends billions on homelessness and they have no idea it helped?? Click Here for Story

Democrats in Republican Clothing

These 12 “Republicans” are just Democrats and their latest votes betray their constituents Click Here for Details

Biden and Democrat Foreign Policy Failure

Defense Secretary warns of Ukraine conflict caused by a weak Biden Admin could lead to a nuclear exchange? Click Here for Story

SBF at FTX Loved His Democrats…

Click Here for Info

But He Gave to Republicans Too If It Fit His Agenda…

Click Here for Info

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