The News YOU Need to Know Monday November 23, 2020

Running Guilty?

Image result for dominion voting systems

Dominion fails to appear before Pennsylvania legislators and seems to be on the run Click Here for Details

But Dominion Fires Back?

Dominion refutes their involvement in fraud on Fox Click Here for Story

Georgia Was Stolen

Proof becoming indisputable Click Here for Story

The True Covid Numbers in Michigan

Whitmer Tells Scary COVID Story Thursday; State Warns Against Panic Friday

Governor, after 11 family members and friends all caught virus at card game: ‘Their story is not unique’Read more

Obama Judge Tries to Block Trump Case

As expected an Obama appointee tried to keep Election Fraud case from being heard Click Here for Story

Lockdown Costs Include Suicidal Thoughts Up, Kids’ Life Expectancy Down

Locked-out children also losing years of life expectancy

RINOs Need Backbones

POTUS fires back at RINO Republicans who don’t want fraud investigated Click Here for Details

China Controls Biden

IF Biden becomes President China has issued him instructions Click Here for Story

It’s Coming?

Proof of election fraud is coming, who is responsible? Click Here for Details

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