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The Disgrace of the Salvation Army

Christian non-profit may have hurt its own ability to help those in need with their ridiculous woke stand on whites needing to apologize Click Here for Story

Rules for Thee….

But not for Biden as he violates his own mask mandate again Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Waste

Michigan Governor Says Husband's Request Was 'Failed Attempt at Humor' -  The New York Times

$3.9 billion in unemployment paid to ineligible claimants? Click Here for Details

Michigan State University Employs Only Three People To Respond to 1,200 Open Records Requests

Crime Rises

Los Angeles crime rate jumps Click Here for Story

Pushing Stupidity

The push to electric vehicles makes no sense when we don’t have the infrastructure to support it, when the carbon footprint to make them is worse than the use of conventional vehicles Click Here for Story

The Plandemic

Was a never ending booster economy part of the plan? Click Here for Story

Fascist Fauci

Anthony Fauci = Josef Mengele - AR15.COM

How close are we to a medical dictator? Click Here for Details

What Happened to Joe’s Plan

Biden Covid response is not better than Trump’s Click Here for Story

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