The News YOU Need to Know Monday November 30, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Michigan Election Fraud Witness

There was a plan to steal the election Click Here for Story

General Flynn First Interview

With General McInerny on latest election developments

Average Michigan Corrections Department Employee Took 28.5 Days Off With Pay Last Year

The Lockdown Conundrum

Not saving lives if people commit suicide Click Here for Details

The No Justice Department

Where is DOJ and FBI on rampant election fraud Click Here for Story

The Utah Object Mystery

Unkown object in Utah desert now gone Click Here for Story

The Payoff?

Big Labor salivating for a Biden administration Click Here for Details

Time for a Reckoning?

Carter Page sues those who illegally targeted him Click Here for Story

Its Not Even Media Anymore

Its propaganda and unprofessional Click Here for Details

The Evidence is Clear…

There was election fraud Click Here for Details

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