The News YOU Need to Know Monday November 9, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Moving to the Darkside?

Many thought it and now it seems Fox is… Click Here for Story

The Dead Do Vote…for Democrats

Republicans never do well with dead voters Click Here for Story

Whitmer Still Blaming State Supreme Court For COVID Spike

Ohio cases also rising, but no pandemic-related court rulings there

AOC’s Lists

Finding and punishing the Trump supporters? Click Here for Story

Its Getting Painfully Obvious

45,000 votes that only had a Biden vote on them nothing down ballot Click Here for Story

More Voter Fraud n Michigan

Its everywhere and more coming out daily Click Here for Story

Never Trumpers Jump on Dem Bandwagon

Although a Biden win is far from official the Never Trumpers are joyous Click Here for Story

Will Dems Cheat Again n Georgia Runoff?

Election fraud not only affects PTOSU race but now the senate hangs in the balance Click Here for Details

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