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Could the House Be In Play

Even a normally Democrats seat in Maryland gives a Republican a chance Click Here for Story

State Civil Rights Commission’s School Report Raises Questions Whether It’s Serious, Credible

Ideological spin easier to come by than facts and serious analysis

Liberalism IS a Sickness

Watch Women’s March attendees verbally assault a pregnant woman Click Here for Story

Joe Getting Angry

Hunter stories are getting to Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

Another Liberal Moderator

3rd Debate moderator is again tied to the Democrats Click Here for Details

Gaffe Master

Dementia or not Joe Biden is still the Gaffe Master Click Here for Story and Video

Democrats Will Pack the Supreme Court

You’ll get what you vote for America Click Here for Details

Antifa IS Racist

An Antifa protesters knocks out the front teeth of Philip Anderson, event organizer for the San Francisco Free Speech Rally and Protest at Twitter HQ. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Denis Ivan Perez)

Violence against the African American community Click Here for Story

Twitter Works for Democrats

SO in the bag for Democrat candidates its more than just bias Click Here for Details

The Real Joe Biden

Watch Joe Biden’s speech on the 90’s Crime Bill Click Here for Story

It’ll Get Worse for Hunter

More info and pictures of compromised Hunter Biden are coming Click Here for Story

Yes It WAS Hunter’s Laptop

No doubts left as to the repair shop having Hunter Biden’s laptop Click Here for Details

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