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Newsom’s Nuisance

California Governor Newsom’s pick to replace Senator Feinstein doesn’t even live in California?? Click Here for Story

Serial Liar or Dementia?

Joe Biden gets caught in yet another whopping lie Click Here for Details

Why we harp on transparency

Government works best when it’s watched closely. With outdated information, that won’t happen.

Illegal Immigrant Criminals…

Coming to a town near you. Upscale homes in Michigan being burglarized by gangs of illegals Click Here for Details

There are now 25,000 UAW members on strike

UAW President Shawn Fain expanded the strike by 7,000 workers Friday Read more

Government Shutdown Averted…

What happens next? Click Here for Story

Michigan Education Association is down 37,000 members in a decade

Teachers union has dropped to under 80,000 members Read more

Social Equity Policies Just Mean More Crime…

Soft on criminal policies is causing an explosion of crime in Illinois Click Here for Story

Failure to Launch?

Over half of all young adults are living at home with parents Click Here for Details

Hidden DEI

Universities are not obeying State law and finding ways to continue their propagandizing DEI policies Click Here for Details

NATO Ramping Up to WW III?

Putin ally says British forces training in Ukraine are legitimate targets Click Here for Story

Who Is This Traitor And What US Agency is Committing Treason?

Uniformed man documented cutting Texas installed razor wire at the border to allow illegals into America Click Here for Story

McCarthy on Thin Ice?

Is GOP Speaker McCarthy on the edge of being replaced? Click Here for Details

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