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Another Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier?

Biden goes over the edge again at Press Conference in Vietnam Click Here for Story

Not Complying…

Protesters defy New Mexico Governor on2nd Amendment ban Click Here for Details

Republican Senator Cassidy Wants More of the Same DC Elitism

If Trump wins primary Senator says he’d support a No Labels 3rd party. Why is he scared of Trump exposing Washington DC like the Democrats? Click Here for Story


Wannabe conservative Chris Christie threatens to stalk Trump. Isn’t he a bit too fat to ride coattails? Click Here for Story

New Info On Kennedy Assassination?

Former Secret Service agent says the Warren Report has some possible discrepancies Click Here for Story

Ukraine Counter Offensive Stopped

Even Zelenskyy now says the counteroffensive against Russia has stalled Click Here for Story

Communism Is Here…

How has our media and education system failed to educate our youth to the dangers of Communism? Click Here for Story

Hollywood Fascist

(INSET: Rob Reiner) US President Joe Biden speaks about the soul of the nation, outside of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 1, 2022. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Fascist activist Rob Reiner wants to dictate to Americans who they can vote for Click Here for Story

You Have to Ask…

Who is Biden working for when he cancels Alaska oil leases as oil prices in America skyrocket Click Here for Details

Even Foreigners See the Truth…

Hungarian Foreign Minister condemns attempts to stop Trump from being on the ballot Click Here for Story

Department of Dis-Energy?

Jennifer Granholm’s Energy Department gets the police called on them for another publicity stunt Click Here for Story

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