The News YOU Need to Know Monday September 13, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

How Will Companies React?

Will comply with un-Constitutional mandates or fight back in court? Click Here for Details

Four Concerns About the Mandates

Educate yourself Click Here for Story

Liberalism IS Embarrassing

Poster boy comedian for the left becoming agitated at woke stupidity Click Here for Story

Vaccinated Super Spreaders?

Vaccinated zookeeper infects 13 gorillas at Atlanta zoo Click Here for Details

Natural Immunity Better?

Should we trust Fauci or evolution? Click Here for Story

Americans Turning on Biden

Can America save itself from the debacle of the Democrat stranglehold? Click Here for Story

UK Scraps Vaccine Passports

Is the United Kingdom finally wising up to phony political driven media science? Click Here for Details

Government Failure

Feds give 283,000 visas to immigrants from terror countries? Click Here for Details

Trump Supports NY Police and Fire Departments

9/11 anniversary brings President Trump back to New York Click Here for Story

Thanks Biden…

Democrat Leon Panetta predicts US will be attacked again by Al Qaeda Click Here for Story

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