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Big Win for Texas AG…

About the Attorney General | Office of the Attorney General

And a warning for the Biden Admin and its RINO collusionistas Click Here for Story

Problems in Ukraine?

has the media and Western Governments been lying about results and possible victory in Ukraine? Click Here for Details

RFK Jr. Under Threat

RFK Jr. , Elon Musk talk nuclear energy -- ANS / Nuclear Newswire

An armed imposter arrested at RFK Jr. event but the Biden Admin still won’t give him Presidential candidate protection Click Here for Story

Controlling YOU…The Evils of Social Credit Ratings

ITs how China keeps its people under control and the Democrats and their liberal corporate allies want to do the same here in the US Click Here for Story

In Bed With Our Enemies…

Is Joe Biden Electable? - WSJ

Biden oil policies are helping the enemies of the United States while destroying our ability to be energy independent Click Here for Details

This IS NOT Border Protection

Border Patrol releases hundreds of illegal border crossers into San Diego Click Here for Story and Video

Texas Needs Correction in the House

Texas Rep. Phelan censure was justified

RINO Speaker of the Texas State House should resign for his phony impeachment of the Texas Attorney General Click Here for Story

The Climate Scam

Media and liberal control hungry governments are pushing the phony science of Climate change and silencing the real scientists who expose it Click Here for Story

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